About Freed For…

At its core, as I hope the title of the blog points to, is the fact that we are freed for life and ministry, all of us, not from it.  When we think of freedom we often view it in the terms of being freed from something.  We are freed from responsibility, or a task, or a job, or whatever it is that you are freed from.  In Christ, we are all freed.  Yes, we are freed from some very important things: the devil (evil), sin, and death.  Awesome, right?!?!  Far too often though, especially in the Lutheran circle we stop there.  We have been justified, we are freed, the work is done.

Yes, this is all true.  However, and more importantly, it is my firm belief that we are freed for.  We are freed for life.  We have been freed from sin, death, and the devil so that we might be able to fully live this gift that God has given us for the glory of God.  In Jesus Christ we are able to dwell in the kingdom of God now.  This life is not something to be tossed aside, it is not a transit station waiting to take us on to a better place, what some would call heaven.  God has gifted us with the opportunity to live heaven on earth in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Now, that is pretty awesome!!!

So, this blog will mainly be my reflections on Kingdom Living, on living in and through the grace of God given in Jesus Christ now, and on seeking where God is moving and working in the world and in turn moving and working in my own life.

Hope you enjoy!


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