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25 05 2018

For those of you who enjoyed my brief and sparse writing here, perhaps you might enjoy more frequent and current thoughts and writings at my new blog home:

This is my journey of waking up.  Feel free to follow along if you are interested.


Freed for…The three year journey

25 05 2012

So, this blog has been about three years in the making, all of which was work done in my thick skull before letting it seep out and into the public now! Ha!  I tried starting a few years ago with high hopes and aspirations.  I was away on my pastoral internship, was a brand new father to a beautiful boy named Aidan, and I figured I had lots of extra time on my hands to blog.  (I’ll throw another “Ha!”  in here)  Obviously that did not happen, though the thoughts that I wanted to put into words and begin to have conversations with other interested folks did not go away, they simply percolated and formulated, for the better or worse (probably a little of both).

And so, now I find myself almost a year into my first call at a wonderful church in North Dakota, with my wife and my son who is now 2 and half years old, and I have less time now than I had then.  So I said to myself, “Now’s a good time to begin.”  All kidding aside, I look forward to this journey and hope that you all will join in on the discussion.

“What will the discussion be about?” you ask.

Mostly nerdy theological discussion, but hopefully nerdy theological discussion that matters, that moves us, that changes us, that helps us to realize that we are called to something greater than ourselves.  What?!  There is something greater than me, myself, and I?!?!  Yes, Sisters and Brothers it is true 😉  Hard to believe I know…

I hope you all enjoy and that you join in on the conversation.  Oh yeah… if you have a topic, a theological question, a theory, or advice on what to have for dinner that you would like to be addressed here please feel free in the comments or e-mail me.  Most things will be up for discussion, of course if I sense anything that is vindictive, fight-picking, bullying, or something other than constructive life-giving conversation then it will not be up for discussion.

Until next time,

Christ’s peace to you!