Book Review: “What We Talk About When We Talk About God” Rob Bell

3 04 2013

imagesI anxiously waited for Rob Bell’s new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, to be released and was excited when I had finally ordered it from Amazon.  Of course, it arrived Holy Week, which means not a lot got read until after Easter Sunday.  I must say it was worth the wait, worth the anxiety, worth the excitement, and the anticipation.

If the reader can get passed Bell’s fragmented, irregular writing style, if the reader can get passed some of the cheesiness when Bell seems to be cracking a joke to himself as an aside, and if the reader can look beyond the seemingly disjointedness of the writing (all of which actually appeals to many readers) and make it to the end of the book, I believe they will be enriched and fed.

I have long awaited a book that could talk about the complexities of the Universe, from a large scale perspective to the smallest aspects of this creation that God has made, in a language that the non-physicists, the non-chemists, the person without a single ‘scientific’ bone in their body can read and understand.  I believe Bell has done this in this work and specifically in the chapter “Open.”  Long have we needed someone to tell the multitudes that no longer do science and God have to be mortal enemies, that in fact, science compliments God’s work incredibly well and that in fact science can be a means of proclamation that, frankly, has never been tapped, at least until I read this work, and I believe Bell has just scratched the surface here.  I remember sitting in, what I thought would be an easy class, Astronomy at college and hearing about the complexities and intricacies and the mysteries that still abound in the Universe and thinking, “My faith has not been shattered in the least, but in fact, my faith has been strengthened!”  God’s creation is incredible and I am just amazed by the number of Christ followers who are against science and evolution and Big Bang Theory because they think that the God might be disproved or denounced by science, when in fact I found the exact opposite as have many other scientists, by the way.  I think God can handle science and its questions just fine.  But I digress…My apologies to Rob for going off on a tangent in his book review 🙂

Regardless of your preconceived notions of Rob Bell, his theology, whether he is a heretic or not, whether Love Wins or not, this is a book that will cause you to question how we speak about God, how we think about God, and maybe how we should be pulled forward by God into a new way of thinking.  Bell’s story telling, intriguing questions, and open approach make What We Talk About When We Talk About God a book that both non-pastors and pastors can read, that both scientists and non-scientists can read, that Christians and non-Christians can read, and still put pushed and pulled into a new way of thinking about God.

That, by the way, is growing in faith.

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